Nice, clean, and open storefront. Good customer service and a great “bedside” manner from Dr. Nguyen. I like that every aspect of my visit was explained in as much detail as I wanted, from the eye exam itself to the difference in lenses available. -Alvaro C.

The location is great, the staff is extremely helpful and friendly, and Dr. Nguyen is very kind and knowledgeable. Extremely happy that I chose Kleinwood Vision, I would recommend it to anybody who has vision needs. -Jason C.

The entire staff was great. They really helped me through everything because this was my first ever eye exam. They are friendly, punctual, and most importantly, efficient. I also got so many compliments from them on my Bob Ross shirt I wore. -Gerald W.

Best vision care experience of my life — and I’ve been wearing contacts over 15 years! My daily contacts were ready for pickup less than 48 hours after my exam.

Dr. Nguyen really goes the extra mile! He made sure my prescription was perfect for my unique situation of staring at a computer screen 10+ hours a day, and explained how prolonged blue light exposure puts me at higher risk for macular degeneration. No optometrist has ever done that for me.

Most places try to push all kinds of extra stuff on you, then get upset when you just want to take your prescription and leave. Not Kleinwood: they understood I just wanted as many daily contacts as my insurance would give me. They even measured my pupil distance for me so I could go buy my special computer glasses online!

I can’t wait to go back and get an “everyday use” pair of glasses once my insurance resets in January.-Eric S.

I have been coming here for about four or five years, and just had my recent yearly exam again. Adriana was fabulous in assisting me with my insurance coverage. My total bill for my three prescriptions was going to be $1900, but Adriana spent a good amount of time researching my insurance and my bill was knocked down to $1100. Thank you Adriana!

Dr. Nguyen is very knowledgeable, nice, efficient and professional. -Mel. L

1. I felt the need to respond to Killer Cams, Someone who doesn’t have the nerve to post under his own name. First Dr. Nguyen is probably one of the best out there. His staff is very knowledgeable. I’ve had problems with glasses fittings and lenses before. If you wear glasses you’ve run into this problem before. It’s how the staff and Doctor deal with the problem which sets Kleinwood Vision apart.

2. The “blonde girl” Amber is one of the best they have.

3. Some people can’t be made happy no matter what you do to help them, take 1 bad review with a grain of salt.

Trust me, 1 visit to Kleinwood, you’ll always go back -Carlos L.

Love coming here. Dr. Nguyen is amiable and knowledgeable. He has given me more information about my eye health freely and in absorbable language each visit, and the staff has a great sense of humor that makes socializing enjoyable. -K. Romero

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Dr. Nguyen is great. -Ken C.

Friendly, fun, and caring employees! Quick and timely response times, pick up times, and scheduling. -Dana H.

Fabulous Dr and very knowledgeable staff. Shamir is great at explaining what is needed. Everyone takes their time and makes you feel valued vs rush to get you out the door!! -Zena F.

Always a great experience with Kleinwood. The Dr. shows he truly cares about your eye and making sure you are comfortable with your lenses or contacts. Have been going here for at least 5 years and won’t be changing. Highly recommend. -Elizabeth C.

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